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Undercover Boss meet the not so Undercover Boss

Terry Farmer, Accent Inns founder painting at one of the Kamloops hotel

Terry Farmer, Accent Inns "not so undercover" boss

The current installment of CBS Undercover Boss TV Shows the President and CEO of Choice hotels going undercover.  Well I just had to take this opportunity to talk about Accent Inns leadership. Long before Choice Hotels CEO dawned a uniform our own Terry Farmer was working hard at our Accent Inn BC hotels. The attached video shows  Accent Inns founder and Chairman, Terry, more recently cleaning rooms and doing maintenance at both our Kamloops hotel and our Victoria hotel. This particular efforts was as a reward to our staff for the great fundraising effort everyone in the BC  hotel chain did for the Power to Play event.  Every Accent Inn is owned and operated by the Farmer family with Mandy Farmer being the current President and CEO. Terry and Mandy have never been afraid of getting in and supporting our team and they always make an effort to know each one of our staff (around the province) by name!
Friendliness and cleanliness have always been a priority and as you can see in the video, having fun is important to!

The father and daughter team of Terry and Mandy Farmer are the people who run Accent Inns. We are not a huge hotel chain and we think of more than just the bottom line. At Accent Inns we have values, all right, but they’re more like family values. The room you’ll stay in will be spotlessly clean, the bed really comfy, the internet (wireless) will be free and you’ll be taken care of by some of the friendliest staff you’ll ever meet . You’re going to feel at home here.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we’re different from other hotels. In our restaurants, for example, you get a great meal in a pleasant atmosphere at a fair price. Imagine. We don’t charge for Wireless Internet and parking is free. So is the morning paper, local calls and email access in the lobby kiosks. In the winter we’ll warm you up with free cookies and hot chocolate. In the summer we drape our hotels in hundreds of hanging baskets. We like flowers so much that each year we give away thousands of flower seed postcards to our guests upon check out. These are little things, maybe, but our guests tell us they make all the difference in the world.
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Terry and Mandy Farmer run Accent Inns

Terry and Mandy Farmer of Accent Inns