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Shameless Do-Gooding

What the heck is a Shameless Do-Gooder? Well first and foremost it’s what we do every day.  We’re always looking for ways we can make someone’s day different in a good way. Check out our Shameless Do-Gooder Invasions to see what we mean!

Just like the good old days when people took care of their neighbours, we take care of ours. When tragedy strikes in BC, we are always there to offer help. (While our medical skills are limited, our caring is unlimited.) Our hearts are big enough to look after families displaced by fire, floods, and medical emergencies. And we don’t sit around waiting. We jump in and make things happen.

Because we are members of the communities in which we work, we encourage each Accent Inns hotel to support the causes that have meaning in their lives. Fundraising amongst staff is voluntary and time is generously given. We are a big “staffamily”—staff who feel like family—and like all families, our interests are varied and too numerous to mention every one.

Company-wide, there are three groups that are very near and dear to us:

We do-good for families by providing accommodation in their moments of need.

  • Working though our partners at the BC Family Residence Program and Variety Children’s Charity we help ensure no one is left out without a place to stay when their child is getting medical treatment.

We do-good for animals by working closely with the BC SPCA, the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

  • We make sure we  are the pet-friendliest hotel around. We donate $1 of every pet fee to the BC SPCA and also provide complimentary room nights to the organization to house support staff when they are seizing animals that have been subject to cruelty.

We do-good for bike lovers by working closely with the NSMBA, the North Shore Mountain Bike Association.

  • Our CEO, Mandy Farmer, is an avid mountain biker and she has made sure all our hotels are super bike-friendly. We are Cedar Sponsor of the NSMBA, the highest sponsorship level they have. We help them maintain bike trails on the North Shore and we even have a trail we have adopted! The Good Dir Mountain trail.

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