Rainbow Registered

Accent Inns celebrates all gender expressions, gender identities and sexual orientations, and we pride ourselves on reducing barriers for 2SLGBTQIA+ guests and employees. We want our guests and employees to feel comfortable showing up as their true authentic selves when they visit any of our properties.  

Officially Rainbow Registered

We’re the first hospitality chain to have all of our locations Rainbow Registered by Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC). Rainbow Registration is a national Canadian accreditation for 2SLGBTQI+ friendly businesses and organizations. Seeing a Rainbow Registered symbol indicates to consumers that the business meets a stringent set of standards to ensure 2SLGBTQI+ visitors feel safe, welcomed, and accepted.

Anti Deadnaming Policy

We’re breaking down even more barriers with our Deadname Standard Operating Procedure.

A deadname reflects the name given to a transgender person at birth, which they no longer identify with and can be extremely invalidating for transgender folks, potentially subjecting that person to harassment and discrimination.

We get that your ID might not match your true self, causing discomfort. But worry not; we’ve got you covered with policies and procedures that will minimize any potentially uncomfortable situations.  You can now book with your chosen name and share your pronouns, and you can rest assured that our team is trained to make sure you feel safe at check-in!


stay different. stay real.