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The Social Network

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Accent Inns has added a new feature called entertainment. Because we like having fun and helping our guests do the same, we are expanding from just listing concerts and events to partnering with our new friends at Skewed & Reviewed to bring you even more information about the latest movies, games and travel ideas.

Social media is certainly a hot topic and the new movie The Social Network is about as topical as you can get, with a touch of drama thrown in…

“The Social Network, director David Fincher sets out to show how, from the very humblest beginnings, Facebook became the juggernaut that it is today.

In 2003, after a debate and breakup with his girlfriend, fueled by his frustration at his exclusion from the social elite, Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius, Mark Zuckerberg, sits at his computer one night and changes the face of the internet. In just a few hours Zuckerberg, deftly played by Jesse Eisenberg, circumvents the firewalls and security of Harvard and creates a website that allows visitors to rate the ladies of the campus. Within a few hours, the thousands of hits crash the vaunted computer network of the university.”

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Thanks to social media, the world of communications has changed.  At Accent Inns we  are using these new tools to connect with all of our friends and fans in local communities and abroad.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr and Linkedin to see what’s happening not only at our hotels but also in our communities.  It’s important to us that we help spread the word about the great work going on around us.

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