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The Plugged In Traveller

There was once a time when the only high-tech device in my suitcase was a travel alarm clock.  I rarely travelled outside North America with any other electronic devices as the difference in voltage and plug types made it a big hassle.  In those days I travelled pretty light.

Times have changed.   Now I can’t leave home (even for a weekend) without a whole suitcase full of gadgets that I somehow believe that I cannot live without.

The Travel Alarm Clock is no longer required as many of my other devices have that functionality and most hotels do offer wake-up calls so I have that base covered.  But why do I need all these other things?  Are they just toys or do I really need them for survival?

Of course I need my smart phone.  What if somebody calls or texts?  What if I need to make a call?  If I’m staying at an Accent Inns local calls are free but in many hotels there is a ridiculous charge, just to pick up the phone.  I also need it to display my boarding card at the airport. So, put a check by the smart phone and don’t forget the charger.

I like to read when I travel, especially on airplanes so, of course I need my Ebook.  The big advantage is that it holds numerous books so I am actually reducing the space that would be required to bring along a couple of paperback novels.  I use an eReader that isn’t backlit which saves eye strain but I also need my book light. So put a check by EReader and book light and don’t forget the charger.

When I got my first laptop it was pretty heavy and took up quite a bit of space.  As battery life was pretty short, I also had to carry a spare battery.  My current laptop is quite a bit smaller and lighter and I really need it to do work when I travel.  I also need to keep up to date on my personal email and Facebook and to check for local restaurants and attractions.  Of course if I’m staying at Accent Inns, I can just ask the “local experts” that work in the hotel.  But I can’t imagine being without it.  So put a check by Laptop Computer and don’t forget the charger, the mouse, the external hard drive for backing up and the USB drives in case I need to transport some data to the nearest printer.  At Accent Inns Wi-Fi is FREE and so is access to a desktop computer and printer in all lobbies.  I’ve stayed at other hotels where it costs from 15.00 to 20.00 per day.

I don’t yet have a tablet, but somehow I feel that I really need one.  But as great as tablets are, they can’t do everything so when I get one; it will travel with me in addition to my laptop computer.  I also need to remember to check in advance with hotels to ensure that they have wireless access as some hotels still offer only Ethernet connections so add an Ethernet cable to my laptop supplies for those occasions when I am not staying at an Accent Inn.

My smart phone will take photos but I also like to bring my camera when I go on vacation.  So put a check by my camera and don’t forget the spare memory cards, battery and battery charger.

If I’m going to be renting a car, I absolutely must have my GPS which I confess I sometimes feel is human.  His name is Daniel and he speaks to me in a very nice English accent.  Daniel has gotten me out of a lot of sticky situations.  Unfortunately he has also gotten me into a few.  However, I cannot drive a car without his direction so put a check by Daniel and don’t forget the charger and the mount.

Depending on where I am travelling I may also need my dual voltage hair dryer, flat iron, universal pin converter, electric toothbrush, mpg player and all the cords and accessories that go with them.

Now where do I put my clothes and cosmetics?