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Karen England Accent Inns ALS CYCle for Hope

Karen at the Vancouver Island Outdoor Expo

OK, how does a little hotel chain like Accent Inns combine our love of the cycling community, our fun loving style, our search for adventure (well most of us…) and our key value of community support? It’s easy. A prime example was two recent events we supported; The Banff Mountain Film Festival’s Radical Reels Tour and the Vancouver Island Outdoor Adventure Expo.



The Radical Reels film tour is a chance for experiencing extreme adventure right from your seat. The films are always filled with laughs and giggles and the ones that focus on cycling (mountain biking) are incredible and awe inspiring. Now add the support from our friends like Russ Hay’s bikes, Ocean River Sports, Robinson’s outdoor store, Capitol Iron and Straitline components (the prizes were superb!) and wrap it all up with donations and profits from the event going to the Garth Homer Center and there you have it! Watch for next years show March 2014 in Victoria.

Supporting the recent Vancouver Island Outdoor show certainly connected us with fellow adventure lovers and also allowed us to showcase our bike friendly hotels in B.C. (we call it “Bike Love”). We also had the chance to remind folks about our great cycling team, the Russ Hay’s Accent Inns team. The fun. Well anywhere our Vancouver Island Regional Sales Manager, Karen England, hangs out is fun by default. In fact every one of our Accent Inn sales managers are some of the most fun, charming and uplifting folks out there. Don’t take my word, go meet them. At the outdoor show we also had the chance to showcase some dear friends that are working very hard to support the community of families dealing with ALS. The ALS cycle for hope is now in it’s second year and growing strong. The founder of the event, Cindy Lister, was extremely kind and even talked about the outdoor show event on her blog, which we encourage you to visit and learn more about the cycle for hope and the work being done for families…

“Due to the ongoing support received from Accent Inns, ALS Cycle of Hope is looking forward to yet another successful and memorable inspiring ALS awareness journey! Thanks Accent Inns for helping us raise greater ALS awareness at the Outdoor Expo on March 22,23 and 24th– and for everything you do to help us make ALS Cycle of Hope a meaningful journey of hope for families living with ALS.”

That’s just a couple of the fun ongoing events that allow us to combine many of the things we like, we support and are just really cool.

Check out the:

and many, many more that we are thrilled to support.

Oh and make sure you follow the progress of our very cool, extremely talented bike team.

Hopefully you have an idea why Accent Inns is indeed one the very coolest places to work in B.C.

(ok we previously won the 5th Best Companies to work for in B.C. but I think we’re still #1 in the cool category)

John Espley, Mountain Man