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Online Reviews – How Do We Measure Up?

Accent Inn recieives tripadvisor certificate of excellenceThe hotel industry has sure changed over the last decade. The early adoption of online reviews by our industry’s guests has not only taken the accommodation industry by storm but also restaurants, attractions and more.  How do we as a chain of hotels in B.C. feel about online reviews? Of course we cringe if we see someone complaining, but that’s to be expected. The key is to respond and learn from those complaints or concerns. More importantly is to make sure that we are succeeding by getting far more praise than not.

Thanks to some handy technology we can track and monitor hundreds of review sites and separate out what folks are saying about our cleanliness, our product and our service. Tripadvisor is of course a large and well known site but it’s just one of many and we care about them all.

The question you all want to know is “how do we measure up?”


Taking a look at all of last year as an example (all of our Accent Inn locations; Victoria, Vancouver Airport, Burnaby, Kelowna, Kamloops + Hotel Zed Victoria) here’s some of our numbers:


Total 3,590 reviews submitted online

Review Ratings (stars) – Average 4.13 out of 5

Recommended –  96% average (how many folks would recommend Accent Inns to a friend)

Accent Inns Founder Terry Farmer seen cleaning a hotel room toilet. online reviews

Accent Inns Founder Terry Farmer seen cleaning a hotel room

By Category – out of 5

  • Cleanliness 36        (how awesome is this!)
  • Location 14
  • Rooms 18
  • Service 34
  • Value 25


Since many of you know Tripadvisor reviews here’s our current ranking out of the hundreds of hotels out there.  Other than Burnaby, they are all climbing….


Accent Inn Burnaby                                                         # 1

Accent Inn Kamloops                                                      # 6

Accent Inn Vancouver Airport Richmond                       # 10

Accent Inn Kelowna                                                        # 13

Accent Inn Victoria, BC                                                   # 24

Hotel Zed in Victoria, BC                                                # 23


So the next time you’re trying to decide where to stay you now know how we measure up. We’ve got nothing to hide and are really proud of our team. After all it’s our people that make your stay wonderful. They’re “different in a good way. “That’s why we rank so well. But we’ll leave it up to you. Give us a try and make your own remarks online. We’ll be watching, listening and learning.

John Espley

Director of Marketing and Communications aka Mountain Man

Accent Inns / Hotel Zed