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Mother’s Day – Making it Special


Mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day

I’ve always loved Mother’s Day, it’s a time where we get to show our Mothers how much we value them, how much we appreciate what they do for us. In years gone by I always tried to make the day special for my Mum (English-speak for Mom) even though rarely in my adult life did we live close to each other.

After my children were born, making Mother’s Day special for my wife became just as important. When the boys were younger we always tried to make the day special. Even now they are adults I contact them a week or so before the big day to plan what we’ll do.

We’ve never made it about the biggest or best gift (or almost never), but always try to make it special and heartfelt. The concept of Mother’s Day originated in West Virginia in the U.S. with a woman called Anna Jarvis who in 1914 managed to get Woodrow Wilson, the President, to proclaim it a national holiday. It was a year later that Canada made it official. But as the holiday became increasingly commercialized Anna actually tried to get it rescinded. She felt writing a letter telling your mother how much she meant to you along with a single white carnation was perfect. Ironically she never became a mother.

Today, we Canadians spend almost $500 million on our 10 million Moms – around $50 per person, a shadow of the $173 our neighbours to the south spend. Do we love our Moms less, or do we simply find less commercial ways to show our love and appreciation? I’d like to think it’s the latter.

Here are the top six most well-received Mother’s Day ‘gifts’ my wife has got from me and my boys over the years. As they say on reality shows – in no particular order!

  1. Brunch has always been a favourite as it brings the family together and there’s nothing more most Moms like than having their brood around them.
  2. Chocolates – yep, tried and true but always welcome. We always go out of our way to get the perfect box; it used to be Cadbury’s Dairy Box, but these days Purdy’s Himalayan Salt Caramels (they have to be milk chocolate) win the day.
  3. A bird bath – over the years the boys have bought several beautiful ones and two still grace our garden today. A few unfortunately were the victims of rambunctious garden games!
  4. A decorative wheelbarrow planter, with her name decoratively burned into the side, filled with pansies. This gift from more than ten-years ago is still a favourite; only a few days ago it was refreshed and refilled for the season.
  5. Hanging baskets have been a consistent favourite and elicit a competition between my sons to see who can get the biggest and best. To mom of course they are equally wonderful (the baskets and her sons!).
  6. A recent favourite from one of our grandsons was a small terracotta plant pot filled with flowers, painted with the words, “Happy Mother’s Day” and featuring the handprints of our little one. A very special and treasured gift.

If you have to travel to be with your mom on Mother’s Day, consider making it a surprise and stay at an Accent Inns hotel. That way she doesn’t have to spend time and energy ‘entertaining’ you on her special day. All five Accent Inns and the two Hotel Zeds have great places to eat attached to them, so it’s the perfect way to entertain Mom and have a great weekend away into the bargain!

Mike Wicks
Blue Beetle Creative