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Love Your Family Day


Family fun day on the slopes

Now that we are in February, often thoughts will go to Valentine’s Day. For the next few weeks young couples start getting more “smoochy” than usual. Wives begin saying to themselves, “will he remember this year?” And of course husbands, well husbands just don’t think anything yet. As fun and cute as this all may sound, here in B.C. we now have something else, perhaps more important to think of in February. Family Day.

Why do I think Family Day is so important? Although focusing on and celebrating our devotion to our significant others is very special, when we look at all the touch points we have with our families over the year and through-out our lives, the importance becomes so clear. Families, both immediate and extended, are there to support us during the many ups and downs we go through. Those same family members also give our lives meaning as we support them and contribute to their lives over our lifespan. OK, some of you are saying, “so does my partner”, and you are correct and lucky if you have someone like that in your life. The difference (in most cases) is that families offer a larger, more diverse network which increases their effects on our overall lives.

Think of it this way. In past times when we lived off the land, one or two people certainly could work hard to make a go of it. Tend to their crops and livestock. Those

Family members can be strange, but we love them anyway

Family members can be strange, but we love them anyway

who were lucky enough to have larger families and communities around them would consistently gather and form work parties to help each other during the harvest, the round-up or when a disaster struck. The folks with the larger network didn’t work any harder to achieve over the just the couples, but had the support, the backing of the family “community” behind them multiplying their efforts beyond just the two of them and contributing (arguably) to a much more pleasurable and often successful life.

You’ll notice that I previously brought the words community and family together. That was no mistake. At Accent Inns you’ll often read or hear us talking about the value of community. The values of each of us finding ways to contribute to the betterment of life for those around us. Communities begin with families. Not just in numbers but also in the lessons learned around showing caring and empathy for your family members. Learning how to share, to not be selfish. These skills we learn as we grow up within our families are the crucial elements in building, creating and supporting sustainable communities. The importance of families is expressed so loudly in organizations like the Family Support Institute of BC and the Adoptive Families Association of BC. Groups like Big Brothers and Big Sisters or the Boys and Girls Clubs are all about celebrating the importance of having connections with people than are often considered family. It matters not whether they are family by birth, by blood, or by a connection we have made. The most important thing that allows us to bring people into our family is the emotional bond we create. And unlike Valentine’s Day, Family Day allows us to celebrate and if required, reminds us of the many bonds, not just the one, we have formed in our lives.

This February take some time to thank, hug, make-up and call all those family members you’ve been blessed with over your life. On behalf of Accent Inns, a proudly Family owned business we wish you the best and most wonderful family day in 2014 and beyond.