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Kamloops Symphony Presents Chamber Music

Perfect blend

A perfect way to spend a spring evening, from the Kamloops Symphony.

The Kamloops Symphony Chamber Music Series presents A Perfect Blend on Saturday, March 29, 2014 in the TRU Alumni (clock tower) Theatre at 7:30 pm. This month, they are proud to feature a trio: Marea Chernoff, oboe; Olivia Martin, bassoon; and Naomi Cloutier, piano. Naomi performs frequently in a variety of ensembles as well as in the orchestra on piano, harp and keyboard, sometimes all at once! Marea, the principal oboist, and Olivia, the principal bassoonist, have both appeared as soloists in previous seasons in addition to their ongoing positions within the orchestra but have not been heard in smaller ensembles. This will be a great opportunity to get to know them better as individuals.

The combination of oboe, bassoon and piano creates a wonderful sound that many composers have written works for over the years but is not often heard in recital.  The two double reeds blend together beautifully while maintaining their unique timbres and the piano adds a depth and richness to compliment the winds.”

Tickets are just $24 for adults and $10 for student/youth at Kamloops Live!
Box Office,  250-374-5483 or at the door.

Accent Inns is proud to sponsor the Kamloops Symphony.

Kathy Humphreys, General Manager, Kamloops Symphony
Phone: 250-372-5000  Email:  [email protected]