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Hitting the Beach in Kelowna

“Hey” can you spot Ogopogo out there!

One wonderful thing about Kelowna B.C. (besides the fact that it has an Accent Inn) is that it’s located next to one of the most beautiful lakes in the Northwest. Okanagan Lake is approx. 110 kms long and when you visit Kelowna, you’re roughly in the middle. A lake of this size, in one of the warmest areas of B.C. is perfect for just about anything. Avoiding your mother in-law or that cousin that just won’t leave you alone… It evens hosts a lake “monster” Ogopogo. No really it does! I tried to get it to eat my cousin when I was little but alas, it must be a vegetarian.

The last time I stood on the beach looking out,  I could see several speed boats, waterskiers, kayaks, a houseboat and even someone “trying” to windsurf. Of course the beaches, someSandy beach in Kelowna isolated and some quite public, are adorned with the usual variety of kids playing in the sand or on the playground equipment and sun worshippers of all shapes and sizes. Why not, this is a little slice of paradise, isn’t it?  Hot weather and cool refreshing water make for one of the most enjoyable holidays no matter what your age.

One of the things I really like about the Accent Inn in Kelowna is that it’s only a quick 5 minute drive to the nearest beach or a modest 20 minute walk. Wish I could say that for my house. There’s even a Dairy Queen across the street, perfect for those long hot days! Of course the other thing I like about the hotel is that after a day in the blazing sun, coming back to a room with air-conditioning is a dream! Wish I could say that for my house.

Fun waterpark for the kidsSo as I sit here in my hot stuffy office, getting ready to go home to my hot stuffy house (no really it is)  I dream of hanging out with the family in Kelowna, saying hi to my friends at the Accent Inn and “hitting the beach” (even with my mother in-law).

Hang loose

John Espley

Business Development Manager for Accent Inns