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We Don’t Serve Crap to our Guests

Free Hotel Breakfast - you get what you pay for

"Free" hotel breakfast? I'd rather eat at a restaurant, thanks.

People always ask why we don’t do a free breakfast like other chains that include it.  And it’s very simple why we do not: we offer high quality, affordable family restaurants at all our locations and we also have kitchenettes in many our rooms for those who want to bring their own (and all rooms have fridges).

Basically the bottom line is that we don’t want to offer anything unless we can be proud of it. Many hotels that offer these free  breakfasts do so with low quality ingredients such as powdered eggs, nuked low grade frozen sausages (I can only imagine what goes in them) and other highly processed inexpensive and non-nutritious foods like donuts in order to keep their costs in line.


With our tag line being Quality Where it Counts we just can’t serve that crap to our guests!  And, if we went and offered a higher quality breakfast (grade A eggs, real bacon…etc.) our costs would be out of line, we wouldn’t be competitive, and we’d have to raise our rates.  Not cool.

With breakfast being the most important, and my personal favorite meal of the day, I don’t want to sacrifice it for low cost junk or an intestine clogging carb buffet.  I prefer to leave it to the experts at ABC Country Restaurant, IHOP, or White Spot.   I also love my homemade granola, fruit and yogurt that I store in my hotel room’s fridge at no extra cost. Plus, to be perfectly candid, sometimes when travelling with my kids it’s just easier to have breakfast in our room so that I can save my hollers of Just Eat Your Breakfast! and Sit In Your Chair Properly! to the confines of our private hotel room.

Not everyone loves a “free” breakfast.