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Celebrate BC Day

boastfully_bc-responsive-1280For some people, BC Day (Aug 4, 2014) is just another excuse for a long summer weekend.  But for many, it means much more than that.

People who grew up in BC, might be excused for taking this province for granted, as they’ve never lived anywhere else.   But for those of us who are here by choice, it’s truly an amazing place. Whether we moved from the East Coast, the Middle East or the Far East, we are smitten by the mild weather, the rugged, natural beauty, the diversity of the population and the healthy lifestyle.   BC offers a lifestyle envied by many.

Anyone who has ever visited BC leaves with wonderful memories of the beauty of the mountains, the ocean and the parks. But for those of us who live here, there is so much more to celebrate.  This BC Day, let’s take a moment to reflect on what it means to live here and the many ways to celebrate being a British Columbian.  Do something that is truly BCish – visit a Municipal or Provincial Park, shop in a local store, visit a local attraction, pick berries at a local farm, stay in a local hotel or eat in a local restaurant.  Show your pride by supporting BC-owned businesses.

Let’s also remember the First Nations community, who has contributed so much to our rich history.  Stanley_Park
BC Day is a great time to learn more about their unique culture.

While the rest of the world might see us as a province of tree huggers, outdoor fanatics, and flower-counters, we stand tall knowing that we are lucky to live in the best place on earth.  So, whether you are a British Columbian by birth or by choice – celebrate your good fortune on Aug 4 by doing at least one thing that celebrates British Columbia.  Stay local.  Stay Real!

Happy BC Day from your friends at Accent Inns.