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Accent Inns Invites You To Experience Local

experience localOur Experience Local interactive website reflects all types of recommendations, like dining and activity suggestions that provide an insider’s point of view, that our helpful staff makes on a daily basis, but all in one place.”

Experience Local showcases brunch spots like Kelowna’s Marmalade Kat Café, view spots like Victoria’s Vista 18, and activities including tubing the Thompson River in Kamloops and the Deer Lake Music Festival in Burnaby and the Steveston Village & ever popular Stanley Park Vancouver – all based on locals’ input.

What’s special about Experience Local compared to other review or directory sites? Aside from it containing Accent Inns staff suggestions it’s all about promoting local in a fun and positive manner. Although visitors to the site can rate a suggestion thumbs up or thumbs down, no negative reviews are allowed. It’s intended to positively re-enforce the local communities.

The site also has an interesting mix of suggestions on top of local attractions or restaurants, creating a unique one-stop shop for visitors and hotel guests. “As the site grows with our staffs ideas, customer suggestions and even locals, it will be a fantastic tool for not only our customers but many others planning a great visit to BC, and the fact that we are helping to promote other local businesses, well that’s just who we are”.

Accent Inns staff is still at the ready to provide curated activities to suit travelers individual tastes. Whether it’s scenic motorcycle routes in Kamloops, zip-lining adrenaline thrills in Kelowna, or Richmond’s best Dim Sum restaurants, front desk employees are eager to offer suggestions.

Experiencing BC like a local has just become easier thanks to Accent Inns, a small family-owned hotel chain that prides itself on offering more than your standard guest services at each of its five locations.

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