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Accent Inns thanks BC Bus Drivers!

Accent Inns Shows Appreciation for Everyday Do-gooders

Not sure if it’s just us, but we want to celebrate and applaud all of our province’s bus drivers and frontline workers for their work over the past year. That’s why when we saw a way to give back to our communities, we rolled up our sleeves and waddled right in!

Last March, we launched a Hotels for Frontline Workers Fund with the United way of Greater Victoria so that the province’s essential workers could isolate safely without worrying about bringing the virus home to their families. You can read more about it here.

BC’s transit drivers have been unsung heroes for their communities. No matter what restrictions were in place, our bus drivers provided us with a safe ride to work every day and we couldn’t let that go unnoticed.

So, we reached out to BC Transit and Translink to ask how we could help, and then we hatched a plan.

On March 3, we spent a pro-duck-tive day rallying our troops to get out and thank as many BC Transit drivers as possible.

BC Transit and TransLink operators and frontline staff have all been heroes the past year – we know that we would have gotten nowhere (quite literally) without them. The hard-working folks behind the wheel have provided us with safe and reliable transportation during an exceptionally tough year and we wanted to go beyond quacking a quick “thanks”.

Armed with gift cards to local coffee spots and custom thank-you cards, our flocks at Accent Inns Victoria, Accent Inns Vancouver Airport, Accent Inns Burnaby, Accent Inns Kelowna and Accent Inns Kamloops showed their local bus drivers some much-deserved recognition.

Our team gave them to their drivers on their regular commutes, but we also flocked to high-traffic bus stops in our neighbourhoods to thank as many drivers as we could!


In doing this, we hoped that our small gesture would let these heroes know just how appreciated they are.


We gave out hundreds of gift cards and thank you notes, and while we know we weren’t able to thank every driver in the province, we hoped that every transit driver that we encountered felt the love

And we were so happy to receive love back.


The drivers we encountered were so appreciative. We heard many of their stories on the job and the hardships that comes with it, especially over the past year.

Spreading Appreciation Across British Columbia


The best part? We received some thank-you notes in return and got all the warm fuzzies reading them, including this letter to the editor in The Kelowna Daily Courier.


We even saw our team on the news in our local communities and also in regions as far as Bowen Island, Prince George and even Alaska! Good news does travel fast.


Our hearts are full.


We appreciate all frontline workers. We don’t need to be reminded twice of all the sacrifices they’ve had to make the past year. Their contributions to fighting the pandemic are felt in all our communities of Victoria, Kamloops, Kelowna, Burnaby and Richmond.


Essential service workers in our province have been working extremely hard this year and we wanted to get all our ducks in a row to celebrate them and continue showing our gratitude.


Giving back to the community is big duck energy and we challenge you to pay it forward. Being a duck is never bad…unless you’re a roast duck, of course.