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Victoria Hotel Package – Your Solution to the Malahat

Winding Road sign represents the malahatOne day last winter I had to make some sales calls in Campbell River and other Northern Vancouver Island communities.  I hit the road out of Victoria at 6:00 am in order to get there at the start of the business day.

My goal to avoid traffic and make good time was immediately challenged by torrential rains. As I crept over the Malahat,  I felt my shoulders rise and my body tense as I struggled with the wind, rain and darkness. 


I slowed to a speed much less than I would normally drive and felt my small car shudder as big trucks whizzed by.  One thought kept returning to my mind “Please don’t let me be the one that causes the highway to close today”.I also began to think of all the people that drive from the communities north of the Malahat Highway to Victoria International Airport to fly away on vacation and business. So often,  they drive to Victoria on the day of their flight, with hunched shoulders and white knuckles arriving at the airport tense and unhappy.

I then began to wonder if these people ever consider stopping over in Victoria the night before the flight.  I’m sure most folks are aware that we offer one of the best airport stopover packages for the Vancouver International Airport but perhaps they don’t know that the Accent Inn offers an amazing airport stopover package at our Victoria hotel at a very reasonable rate. We even include the parking and shuttle in that package!

Imagine the convenience of travelling down the Trans Canada Highway in the light of day at a comfortable speed with no deadline looming.  Imagine checking into the hotel at your convenience and enjoying an evening of dining and/or shopping at a nearby shopping centre.  Imagine getting up in the morning and enjoying a free continental breakfast.  And then imagine a free ride to the airport on your departure and again upon your return.

It may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t.  It’s the perfect way to begin your journey – relaxed, refreshed and ready to work or play.

Accent Inn Victoria BC exterior front view

Accent Inn Victoria BC

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Karen England

Regional Sales Manager for Accent Inns