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Travel Safety Tips after COVID-19

Guest author: Arthur Wong

I’m Arthur Wong, the General Manager at the Accent Inns Vancouver Airport hotel. Over the last month, I have been working closely with the Government of Canada and the BC Centre of Disease Control (BCCDC) to create a safe environment for Canadians returning from abroad via YVR who need to self-isolate. I’ve learned a lot about the safest practices as a hotelier and a traveller during this process.

Once the Provincial Health Authority allows it, travel will resume across the province. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned through my work alongside these government agencies to create a personal list of what I will be doing differently to protect myself and my family when we travel, once it is safe to do so. Maybe this can help you and yours stay safe, too.

  1.  Download our boarding passes and everything we need to check-in online so we won’t need to interact with anyone or any kiosks at the airport. Also, I’m going to aim for carry-on luggage only!
  2. Bring along a few Ziplock bags. They can come in handy as makeshift gloves when you don’t want to touch something.
  3. Pack travel slippers for your hotel room because I don’t want to be barefoot anywhere anytime soon.  They’re also cozy and comfy, which is an added bonus!

    Who says traveling safely means you can’t have a little bit of fun?


  4. Pack a few pairs of disposable gloves in case we need to run some errands, always being very careful to not touch our faces.
  5. Small spray bottle of sanitizer spray to spray down surfaces like the plane’s tray table. This is easier to get our hands on than elusive disinfectant wipes!
  6. My own pen. Not for sharing and I will be careful to avoid putting it down on a desk or other surface I haven’t sanitized!
  7. Wear homemade facemasks for the plane and other high-risk areas. The BC Centre for Disease Control has information on proper use of facemasks on their website. If you’re in for a longer journey, you can even make headbands or “ear savers” to attach the mask to so your ears don’t get sore from the elastics. Remember, the BC Centre for Disease Control says using a mask is not enough and should be combined with other preventative measures such as frequent hand washing and physical distancing.

    Our housekeeping team got so good at making “ear savers” for our masks, that we made extra and donated them to a nearby care facility. Let us know if you want tips on how to make your own!


  8. Bottles of hand sanitizer to carry with us. Washing your hands is always a better choice, but we won’t always have time or access to a hand-washing station.
  9. Run an empty pot of water through the in-room coffee machine before using it to ensure it is completely sanitized.
  10. A self-isolation plan for the family ready to go in case it is needed. Ensure you have enough medication for 14 additional days just in case!

The most up-to-date resource as you and your team prepare for travel is the BC Centre for Disease Control’s website
which has the latest research and answers to many specific questions you may have. I wish you safe travels when travel is
allowed. If you have any hotel-related questions at all during this confusing time, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you and offer any assistance that I can.



Arthur Wong
General Manager
Accent Inns Vancouver Airport
[email protected]