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Stop Bullying – Wear Pink

Pink Shirt day okanagan Boys & Girls ClubOur Accent Inn Kelowna Hotel staff and other team members from around the province are showing support for the Anti Bullying movement by wearing Pink Shirts today!

We think the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club have done a good job explaining the event so here’s an excerpt from their site.

 We hope everyone will get involved and join us in raising public awareness about Bully Prevention and providing a safe place for everyone in our communities.

Pink Shirt Day originates in Nova Scotia where two young men stood up to bullying in their high school. A new student was being bullied and was harassed even more when he showed up at school wearing a pink shirt. In support, these two young men went to a discount store and purchased 50 pink t-shirts. They enlisted fellow male students to wear the pink shirts to support the new student who was being bullied.

The Boys and Girls Clubs’ Pink Shirt Day initiative started in 2008 in the Greater Vancouver area, and has now grown to become a national day with Boys and Girls Clubs across Canada.

Pink Shirt Day 2013 will once again be an opportunity to increase public awareness in the Okanagan, and to demonstrate that we are all a part of the solution and won’t tolerate bullying any longer. We want to personally invite you to take part in this crucial day by encouraging you, your children, youth and staff to wear pink

Accent Inn Head office staff supporting Pink Shirt Day

Head office staff supporting Pink Shirt Day

Accent Inn Kelowna hotel staff supporting Pink Shirt Day

Accent Inn Kelowna hotel staff supporting Pink Shirt Day