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Stay Local BC! The Future is HERE! Update #1

alternative-with Sierra logoSierra Club BC and Accent Inns invite you to “go green” with The Future is HERE Contest!

To celebrate Earth Day, Sierra Club BC and Accent Inns are running an exciting contest helping to highlight the localized green energy revolution happening across BC. Hidden within the blog below are some answers to questions for the Future is Here Contest that began Earth Day (April 22) and will end April 30. Every correct entry will enter you for the chance to win a prize pack of:

  • 2 night Accent Inn hotel stay
  • Copy of “Nowhere Else on Earth” by Caitlyn Vernon (Sierra Club BC’s very own Campaigns Director) 
  • 2 Denman Island Chocolate, Special Edition, Pull Together, Simply Dark Chocolate Bars.

Right now across BC and the world, the localized green energy revolution is a proving a real and healthy alternative to fossil-fuels and large industrial infrastructure.  Through partnerships with local organizers, Sierra Club BC’s The Future is HERE! AlternativesTour is recognizing the inspiring leadership, innovative solutions, and low-carbon economic activities emerging everywhere (such as renewable energy, green builders, community gardens, public transport, electric-cars/sharing, etc.). Recently folks in Kamloops and Victoria joined us to watch the award-winning film “The Future of Energy: Lateral Power to the People” and then talk together about the renewable transition and increased sustainability happening in their own backyards…watch for Sierra Club BC- coming to a community near you!

Since 2009, $25-billion have been invested in Canadian clean-energy (about $5.3 billion in BC), which was about the same as agriculture, fishing and forestry combined.  Employment in this sector has grown by 37% and shows no signs of slowing down, with Clean Energy Canada reporting that while 23,700 people work in green energy organizations, the tar sands only employ 22,340! The potential for the economy and jobs are really exciting, since “Green jobs” can include almost anything that meaningfully contributes to building a more sustainable future: energy, trades, food, education, public policy, business, NGOs. The opportunities are really only limited by your creativity!

section-take-action_2Sierra Club BC and Accent Inns invite you to “go green” with “The Future is HERE” Contest!

What’s already happening in your community? Got an idea to share about how to become more sustainable where you live?

Remember to check back in a few days for the next Blog post and more answers.

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Sierra Club BC is a non-profit environmental organization whose mission is to protect and conserve British Columbia’s wilderness, species and ecosystems, within the urgent context of global warming impacts. We advocate the responsible use of B.C.’s natural resources while promoting a modern, equitable economy that sustains our planet in every way.

Accent Inns supports responsible use of BC’s resources and encourages readers to educate themselves on all aspects and options for growing our local and global economy in a sustainable fashion.