stay different. stay real.

September – beginning of fall or the end of summer.

I guess it depends on how you look at it–many people might see it as the end of summer – but even though my favorite time of the year is summer – I see September as a time for new beginnings.   When we were young, it was an exciting time when you went back to school and saw all your old friends and showed off your new clothes and that great summer tan.  But it was also a stressful time when you started a new grade, perhaps went to a new school, had new teachers and had to meet  all the  new kids in your class.  I must say as an adult – I don’t miss those first few weeks in September.  (what I do miss however, is the previous 2 months of summer vacation!)

Even though I adore summer – there is something about the fall that gives you a well-needed kick in the butt.  Maybe it’s just the cooler weather that slaps that lazy summer feeling out of you – but even in business, September is a time when things ramp up again.  Everyone is back from vacation and it’s time to get things rolling again with new projects and goals.

I even eat differently come fall – I crave those casseroles laden with carbs and gooey cheese.   (who am I kidding – I crave these year round!)  But there’s nothing like cooking a great meal inside on a cool and windy fall day – I can almost smell the apple crumble and mac and cheese! And of course, being in the hotel business, I must say that September is one of the best months to travel – the crowds are gone, kids are back at school, the weather is still fabulous and the fall colors are spectacular.    (and the prices are much less than during the summer months)

I guess I’m one of those people who actually like the change of seasons – although I do wish the summers were longer and the winters shorter.   But each season brings a different set of circumstances and new beginnings – whatever season it is.  So put away those tank tops and flip flops and embrace fall with those cool boots and comfy sweaters.

Joan Murrell, Director of Sales and Marketing, Accent Inns