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Remembrance Day has Global Significance

remembrance-day-poppySo here we are coming up on another Remembrance Day. I’ve previously written about the importance of not only remembering those who given their lives but also thanking those who have or are putting their lives in harm’s way all to protect us. Our way of life.  This year let’s look at Remembrance Day with another perspective.

Let me preface this by saying I’m not a professor, philosopher or any other professional that would be dedicated to the understanding of cultural and or significant celebrations. So who am I to comment? A proud Canadian citizen, someone who’s lost family members due to conflict, a person that has had the opportunity to connect with veterans, serving military, legion members and those who take special care of those who served. I suggest folks visit a place like the Broadmead lodge in Victoria B.C. for a good perspective on those to whom we owe so much.

My observations – There are very few special days that are shared by large numbers of people worldwide and culturally different. Even Christmas, which certainly has a massive global impact, is limited due to the cultural nature or history of the holiday. Although most prevalent in commonwealth countries, the “day of remembrance” is observed on a large scale globally. It brings together people of all ages, economic status and culture. Not all celebrations around the world are exactly the same. Not all countries celebrate on exactly the same date but the theme still remains.

Remembrance Day is one day in the year when we all look into our hearts and join together in the hopes that peace may someday truly rule the world.   It has also become a time for the younger generation to learn more about conflict and its results. They learn about what was past, what is now and hopefully what could and should be. After all, it’s in their hands now. When you wear a poppy this year keep in mind the global significance and influence that the simple small red symbol has.

John Espley, Director Marketing & Communications for Accent Inns. 

If your staying at an Accent Inn this Remembrance Day weekend, remember to wear your poppy when you check-in. Accent Inns will make a donation to the BC/Yukon division of the Royal Canadian Legion for every customer that does.