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Does the one you love have four legs?

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Remember your pet this Valentines day

Today is Valentines Day. We recently posted an article about how Valentines day can be different for different people. Well this year we think it’s time to share a little “luv” with our four-legged pals (two wings also qualify). As much as we love our wives, girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends, who is it that’s always waiting at the door wagging their tail when you come home? Who is it that curls up on your lap and purrrrs when you stroke their back (ok, careful how you answer that one )? Who’s always there singing or tweeting (the original) a those beautiful notes that brighten your day? Our pet’s, no matter what size, shape or form, are always there for us and we love them!



OK, so what are we getting at? Time for all us wonderful pet owners to treat our pet’s a little extra special and what a better chance than Valentines Day! Pop by your favourite pet food or pet supply store and get them that diamond encrusted collar (cubic zirconia’s are acceptable) or really special, tasty treat that you know they will go wild over. Perhaps a trip to the groomer for a trim and primp (great way to help them attract the attention of that poodle they’ve been eyeing up lately ). Sometimes the most appreciated gifts are simple. Give-in and let them play with your favourite ball of wool or perhaps a nice long time free of the kennel. Spend some extra time, go for an extend walk, allow more off-leash play time so that they can run,run,run(at this time the melody of “born free” should be playing in your head).

So your now saying, thanks guys but is there anyway you can help? I’m so glad you asked.

Your favourite little BC locally owned  hotel chain, Accent Inns and our friends at the Vancouver Island Pet Expo have gone to extra efforts to give you the chance to win the ultimate Valentines Gift for you and your best buddy. Wait, there’s more….we’ve been lucky enough to have some great friends in the Pet Care world and they to have donated items that truly make this the most awesome Pet Valentines gift you or they could want.

Stop by the Accent Inns Facebook page and look for the “I Love My Pet Contest” link. Click away, fill out an entry form and you have a chance to win and make your pet very happy. We think a visit to the Pet Expo and a Pet Friendly hotel stay somewhere in B.C. might also make you crack a smile.

So this Valentines Day, spread the luvin around and remember those ones in your life who may have more than just two legs.

Pet friendly hotel in Victoria BC

Both you and your Pet can enjoy a getaway

In case your curious the “I Love My Pet Contest” gives you the chance to win:



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