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How to Have a Long Distance Halloween


It’s tough being away from your children on Halloween, but for many of Accent Inns’ business travellers it’s often a reality. So, how do you handle a long distance Halloween with your kids? Do you call them before they leave and then again once they’ve returned with bags of candy?

Here are a few ideas to make this year a little different, some low tech and others courtesy of the new technology we all carry around with us.


  1. Make use of Accent Inns’ great Wi-Fi at all locations, and Skype your children while they’re out on their rounds. Skype’s been around a long time and works well, but there are plenty of others. This will allow you to see their faces light up when scared by your neighbour dressed as a vampire, or hear them scream as they walk through someone’s graveyard of Zombies. If you don’t already have Skype, check out Google Chrome browser and try its Hangouts service; the beauty of this service is that video chat sessions are free, AND you can have up to 10 participants!
  2. You could of course simply phone your significant other, or the children directly if they have phones, but you won’t get to see the joy and excitement on their faces. Unless of course your spouse, or children have iPhones, in which case FaceTime might be the way to go, especially if you have a long-distance plan that gives you plenty of minutes.
  3. No need to miss out on dressing up – take your costume to Accent Inns and video chat with your kids from your room, or the lobby. Show them you’re part of the fun – our staff will enjoy you bringing the Halloween spirit to them too!HOLHW438
  4. A low tech way to let you show your kids you are with them in spirit (pun intended) especially younger children, is to hide candy in your yard and either leave them clues, or using Smartphones and a video chat service, play the “you’re very cold – warmer – getting hotter” game with them. Lot’s of fun and you’ll feel connected and a part of their Halloween.
  5. If it’s going to be difficult to connect with your children live during the evening, use your computer and record (before you leave home) one or more messages for them to watch, either before they go out trick or treating, or on their return.

Don’t let being away on business stop you having some fun with your children during the scariest night of the year!boo

Mike Wicks,
Douglas, YAM and Salt magazines,