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She Kills Me, filmed in Victoria BC

She Kills Me promo for Accent InnsSpring 2013 Accent Inns had the pleasure of sponsoring a new stand -up comedy show being produced for APTN by Less Bland Productions. “She Kills Me” was filmed in Victoria BC before a live audience and showcased all female comics with several being first nations. The show was hilarious to watch and we hope everyone enjoys the many episodes expected to air sometime in 2014 on APTN.

Watch the video…


Sincere thanks go to the actors and crew that filmed this promo and to Leslie Bland who made it all happen.

Performed by Roderick Glanville and Tonya Albers. Director of Photography David Malysheff.  Written and Directed by Leslie D. Bland. Produced by Less Bland Productions. 

in memory of Ken Lawson