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Happy BC Pioneers Day!

BC DayYes, you heard us right, BC Pioneer’s Day! Did you know that the British Columbia Day Act was first introduced to the Legislative Assembly in 1974, with the aim of the Bill to create a statutory holiday to recognize the pioneers in the province? You learn something new every day.

So how are we going to celebrate this day? Well, our plan is to do something that is truly BCish while at the same time, supporting our modern day pioneers, local entrepreneurs!  This could be as small as choosing a local coffee shop versus the big green giant (or should I say mermaid?) or ordering a local craft brewed beer on a sunny patio.  Basically, we are going to show our pride by supporting BC-owned businesses.

And chances are we’ll also take in some of the firework displays, parades and/or cultural festivals that are held to mark the achievements. Have a peak at your local listings, and maybe we will see you there!

It’s BC day, celebrate and enjoy another gorgeous long weekend in this beautiful province.