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GoodLife Fitness Victoria Half-Marathon

Karen England, Sales Manager for Accent Inns finishing the Victoria Marathon

Karen England, Sales Manager for Accent Inns finishing the Victoria Marathon

The Marathon began  in September 1980 with a single 26.2 mile race and now offers five different events for all ages. What other Marathon can boast a finish line as scenic as Victoria’s inner harbour in front of our famous  historic Parliament Buildings (actually it’s the legislative building but people know it by the “other” name).  I know everyone at the Accent Inn Victoria really enjoys meeting people from all over that come to run in our “famous” marathon. The race attracts people come from all over the globe  including some famous Kenyan participants.  One of the folks running the race this years was Accent Inns own Karen England. We are all very proud of Karen , Accent Inns Regional Sales Manager  Victoria.  She did what many of us would like to do but never seem to get around too. Well done Karen!

Karen’s story:

I woke up this morning with wooden legs.  Legs, that wouldn’t bend and rebelled against taking me for that vital trip to the bathroom.  The only thing that got them down the stairs was the knowledge that the coffeemaker awaited us in the kitchen one flight below.

And the cause of my wooden legs? – the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Half-Marathon!  Yes, I completed my 4th half-marathon on October 10, 2010.  And no, I didn’t set any records or reach my Personal Best or do anything amazing.  Like 5717 other people, I put one foot in front of the other until I completed 21.1 kilometres.  Most of the others ran all or most of the course.  My friend Gail and I walked for most of it, occasionally breaking into a run.  However, we did finish ahead of over 500 others, although it embarrasses me that we were beaten by at least one woman in her 80s

I have a great deal of admiration for those that run both the full and half-marathon .  However, I am NOT a runner.  I really enjoy the walk.  Even through a rather difficult portion of the course where we battled some strong and chilly headwinds, I can honestly say that we smiled, chatted, laughed and even danced throughout the whole event.

I love the people that provide a taste of beer along the course and the cheerleaders from the 50s in front of Somerset House Retirement Residence.  I love the way Victorians come out to cheer on the participants from all over the world.  I love the scenery and even the weather.  And, even though I awoke with wooden legs, I loved doing it.  When it comes to Marathons, Victoria really knows how to do it right.

So, thank you to all those folks from around the world that joined me for a stroll through Victoria on Sunday.  I had fun and I hope you did too.