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Gift Ideas For The Traveller In Your Family

Gift card close-upAt this time of year I start to dread having to buy gifts for family and friends. It’s not that I’m tight with my money or anything; it’s just that I never know what to give people. For instance, I’ve been married 35-years and buying something new and different for my wife is almost impossible. I know she likes sweaters, purses, jewelry, and a bunch of other stuff but I’ve already bought everything she likes at least once, if not a half-dozen times, over the years. So, this year I’ve been trawling the Internet for inspiration and one such search centered on what to buy my eldest son who loves to travel.

My first stop of course was to check out Accent Inns gift cards, because I know he’d appreciate staying overnight at the Richmond location early next year prior to flying to New York for a conference – the bonus is he can leave his car at the hotel for four or five nights as well.

Gift cards come in any denomination up to $250 per card and can be redeemed at any Accent Inns location. This made me think about a friend from Vancouver who loves to visit Victoria for the New Year sales andwifi shirt combine it with some sightseeing – I think I’ll get oodles of Brownie points if I give her a card which will go toward a one-night stay at the Accents Inns on Maple Street.

Of course, I still wanted to get my son something unique to open on Christmas Day, so I continued my online search which turned up some fascinating travel gifts from around the world that are ‘Different in a Good Way’ – okay I stole that from Accent Inns!. Here’s my short list:

blue tooth glovesA Wi-Fi Detector Shirt – What a great idea – instead of wandering aimlessly looking for a coffee shop that has free Wi-Fi, you can simply wear this T-shirt; the glowing bars on the front of the shirt dynamically change as the surrounding Wi-Fi signal strength fluctuates to guide you to your Wi-Fi haven. For $26 it’s a cool gift that will certainly make the traveller in your family a talking point!

Blue Tooth Gloves – I might buy these for myself! Think about it, it’s cold and you get a call, by the time you’ve ripped your gloves off you’ve either dropped your phone, or missed the call. With these babies all you have to do is talk into your pinkie and listen through your thumb. How cool is that? This link will take you to a wide range of these gloves ranging from as low as $11.

The Air-Conditioned Shirt – Having recently returned from Mexico during its super hot season, I could have done with this cotton shirt with built in fans. It’s full washable and the rechargeable battery lastsair cond shirt more than eight hours on high and nearly sixty on low. Now that’s what I call cool! Prices start at about $190. Various companies sell them but one that specializes in them can be reached by clicking This company also has a lightweight jacket for under $200.

If I’ve got you thinking about an Accent Inns gift card as the perfect holiday gift, check out how you can enter a contest to win a $500 gift card!

If you’d like to simply purchase a gift card, they are available at any Accent Inns location, or by calling their toll free number: 1-800-663-0298. Gift Cards are available in any denomination and can be used at an location.

Mike Wicks
Blue Beetle Creative