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Fat Boys and Cycling in the Snow

fat-bikeNo, I’m not being rude or insensitive, I’m talking about those bikes with big fat tires that are becoming increasingly popular – fat bikes, or fatties. I was looking out my office window the other day at snow, which is a little like hen’s teeth in Victoria – the last time we saw snow was two and a half years ago (just saying – sorry) – and wondered whether it would stop all those diehard cyclists and mountain bikers out there. It was then I remembered seeing a Fat Bike on the Russ Hay’s website when writing another post on new bikes and Accent Inns’ love of people who ride bikes. That got me thinking about what fun it would be to ride bikes in the snow – something I certainly have never done, and I doubt few of my readers have either!

Of course we never really get enough snow here in Victoria to make it a hobby, but if you check out Kelowna and Kamloops two of my favourite Accent Inns’ locations you’ll find lots of places to take a Fat Bike out on snow covered trails.

So, what is a fat bike? Well the first thing you notice are the tires which are twice the size of normal bike tires – over four inches wide, with rims to match. The frames are large – they look over-sized, even bulky and older bikes may not have suspension.

As strange as they are to look at they are a joy to ride. If you can ride a mountain bike you can ride one of these fat boys, no problem. Their big draw for outdoor enthusiasts is that they allow youfat-bike-in-the-snow to cycle all year long and in all conditions; snow, rocks, desert, sandy beach, sand dunes, thick mud – they love it, and so will you. They corner better, you can lock and slide, get air all like a normal mountain bike but better.

If you’re in Kamloops check out the Fat Fockers Group (again I am not being insensitive – honest) at – their Facebook page has some great shots of fat bikes playing in the snow. I understand they hang out at Isobel Lake where there is an incredible trail system built by volunteers.

In Kelowna check out the Okanagan Fat Bike Club at – I’m sure if you contact them they will help you find the prefect place to try out your new fat bike in Kelowna. Oh and they have some great photo’s of fat bikes in action on their page.

If you don’t own one yet and want to see what they’re like to ride, call in at either Fresh Air location ( in Kelowna or the District Bicycle Company

in Kamloops to rent one and give it a try. Both are less than 10-minutes from the Kelowna or Kamloops Accent Inns’ locations. I’m sure either store will point you in the right direction to experience all the fun you can have in the snow with a fat bike!

Oh, I checked out Russ Hay’s website and found two Fat bikes on sale, check them out at  – now all I have to do is tell Santa that I want a fat bike – let’s hope he doesn’t take offence!

Mike Wicks