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How to Clean a Bathroom, by Terry Farmer

Terry Farmer Founder and Chairman of the Accent Inn BC Hotel Chain

Terry Farmer founder and Chairman of the Accent Inn BC Hotel Chain

Recently Mandy Farmer,  President of the Accent Inn BC Hotel Chain put together a team of Head Office staff  to support and participate in the Power to Play Adventure race.  Several Accent Inns,  staff being the big family that we are, decided to help raise money for the cause with the benefit that if we made our fundraising goal,  Terry Farmer Founder and Chairman of Accent Inns  would spend time cleaning rooms.

The video you see was taken by Mandy Farmer (Amanda), The President of the Accent Inn BC Hotel Chain. As you can see Terry is and always has been passionate about the cleanliness  of our rooms and Mandy is just as passionate about giving her father a hard time. As you can imagine, Accent Inns are a very fun place to work!


Terry, Mandy and all of us are very proud of our Victoria Hotel and Kamloops hotel staff that raised alot of money towards our goal.   The Power to Play Adventure race raised $102,000 overall for the Power to Be adventure society. Photo’s of the Accent Inn team at the event can be seen on Accent Inn’s blog and Flickr page.