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Accent Inns Proudly Supports the BC Cancer Foundation

bc cancer logoAs a BC Cancer Foundation Ambassador, Accent Inns is proud to support breakthrough cancer research and enhancements to care happening right here in B.C.

Many British Columbians don’t know that the BC Cancer Foundation is the largest funder of cancer research in the province and that research IS working! B.C. has the lowest incidence rates for all cancers combined, the lowest rates of cancer mortality in Canada and the best breast cancer outcomes in the world. But there is still more work to be done.

Did you know that Victoria is home to a world-class cancer research centre? The BC Cancer Agency’s Deeley Research Centre is one of the first sites in the world to pioneer an immunotherapy research program that uses genomic approaches to generate more precise and potent immune responses against cancer.

Over the last ten years, Director Dr. Brad Nelson and his team have proven that enhancing the immune response to cancer using drugs, vaccines or T cell infusions will rid the body of residual cancer cells that may have escaped standard treatments, thereby protecting the patient from cancer recurrence.

The next phase of this important work is clinical trials. The BC Cancer Foundation is committed to funding this next phase, but donor support is needed to make it a reality.  Accent Inns is proud to partner with the BC Cancer Foundation and we invite you to join us in supporting this research program too.

To find out how you can support this research or take a tour of the Deeley Research Centre, please contact Lori Angelini at [email protected].


Lori Angelini, Development Officer
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