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Accent Inns Easter Quiz

easter quizEaster means different things to different people, to some of you it will be significant for religious reasons, for others it may be all about the Easter Bunny, for many it’s a combination of both – or just a choc fest.

For almost everyone though, it’s about spending time with family so here’s a fun quiz everyone can take part in.

The answers can be found, on our Facebook page.

  1. In which country do people make homemade kites and fly them to represent Christ rising from the grave and ascending to heaven?
  2. Men are not allowed to knead the dough for Easter bread lest their mustaches turn grey and the dough will fail to rise in what country?
  3. On which Greek Island are you likely to see earthenware pots being thrown out of windows on Easter Sunday after mass at exactly 11 am? The origin of the tradition is not definitively known but it’s possibly related to “out with the old, in with the new” or putting newly harvested produce into new pots.
  4. If all the banks, stores, schools and businesses are closed for five days over Easter, what country are you in?
  5. If you were to dine on green iguana, sleeper turtles and a large rodent (can grow to over 200 kilograms) called a capybara for your Easter dinner, which country would you be in?
  6. If the store you are in has a display of chocolate Easter Bilbies rather than Easter Bunnies, in which country do you find yourself?
  7. Which country has a town where on Easter Monday an Easter omelette is cooked to feed 1,000 people using 5,211 eggs?
  8. If your family is planning to paint eggs in a myriad of pretty colours, you’ll be interested to learn that in one country they dye them just one colour – red. This is to represent the precious blood of Christ and is also the colour of life and success.HappyEaster2013
  9. Which country in ancient times had a funeral for a herring? People from this country would not buy meat during Lent and instead subsisted on herring, cheap and plentiful source of protein. It is said that it was the butchers suffering from lack of business who started the tradition of a funeral procession for the herring. As people were sick and tired of the fish by then it was a popular parade on Easter Saturday.
  10. Finally, you’ve heard of great Easter egg hunts? What about the great Easter Bunny Hunt? Last year 8,500 rabbits were shot in a town in this country. In past years as many as 20,000 were killed. Rabbits have multiplied into plague proportions in this country and threaten crops.

Mike Wicks
Blue Beetle Creative