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Accent Inns Canuck Duck makes preparations

Accent Inns Canuck Duck

When I visited the Travel medical Clinic they forgot to do one important test – a psychiatric assessment. Nobody in their right mind would voluntarily spend 16 days walking uphill wearing hiking boots, multiple layers of clothing and a backpack until they get to a place that’s really cold and there is very little oxygen! They should have an immunization to stop people doing such things.

In the meantime, our training is in full swing. At least once a week we walk around Elk Lake which is 10km.

Canuck Duck taking a relaxing float

I’ve tried to take a few shortcuts, but I always get caught. Karen says that there are no shortcuts in Nepal. We must either go up or we go down.

We also hike to the summit of Mt Doug – not once but twice. Now she tells me that we have to do it 3 times in a row. I really hope that she’s kidding.

I actually blame this all on the Olympics. We went to Vancouver for a day and Karen really got into this so-called “Olympic Fever.” Let’s hope she doesn’t want to try any of that downhill aerobatic stuff when we get to Nepal.

Canuck Duck hitching a ride

So I asked Karen “Tell me why we’re doing this? Is it a life-long dream?” I was surprised to find out that it isn’t. She told me that the main reason is that she thinks a person should shake their life up a little every once in awhile and step outside their comfort zone. Well this is a long way out of my comfort zone so I think I’ll be well shook up!

She also told me that Everest Base Camp is Lupita’s life long dream and she thinks that it’s a good thing to help somebody reach their dream. I think I’ll tell her that my life-long dream is a trip to Dubai to stay in that fancy hotel I’ve heard so much about!

In the meantime, I can’t wait to meet Lupita. She must eat way too much cheese if this is what she dreams about!

Note from Administrator: The formerly named “Accent Inns Hockey Duck”  has informed the home office that due to the victorious Gold Medal Canadian Hockey teams and his overwhelming national pride, he should now be referred to by his nickname “Canuck Duck”.