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5 Reasons Why Hotel Pools Are So Popular

duck in Kel poolI was thinking the other day about hotel swimming pools and what makes them so incredibly popular. I came up with five reasons but I bet there are many more, so if you’d like to leave a comment below and tell me why you love swimming pools, then feel free, or visit Accent Inns Facebook page ( and join the discussion there!

Apparently the very first pool was built more than 5,000 years ago and surprisingly it wasn’t at an Accent Inns, it was in what is now called Pakistan. It was a little over 36’ x 21’ and was primarily used for religious ceremonies for purification and renewal and not for swimming. It was probably the Ancient Greeks who actually started to use pools for swimming, socializing and bathing.

That’s enough of a history lesson; here’s my take on hotel pool popularity.

  1. Kids have an inherent love of water, whether it’s jumping in puddles, running through sprinklers, or bathing with their rubber ducks and swimming pools are far larger than baths so much more fun. And, kids help choose a vacation right? Oh, feel free to let your children take an Accent Inns rubber duck to the pool with you – they love to swim in the big pool, with the big boys and girls!
  2. Adults love pools because it keeps the kids happy, allowing them to relax, read a book, catch some zzz’s, get a tan, in between of course jumping in the pool and splashing the kids like crazy. Family time is a whole lot better whenkamloops patio & pool_new look water is involved.
  3. Hotel pools are gathering places. While the kids play with each other, parents can chat and socialize, just like the ancient Greeks.
  4. The hotel pool provides a break from all that sightseeing not to mention they’re a great bargaining chip when the kids are whining because you want to visit yet another winery, or farmer’s market, or worse still a museum. “Ok Billy, if you’ll just be good for another half hour we’ll go back to the hotel pool.”
  5. Last but not least – it can get awfully hot in the summer months, especially in the Okanagan, so getting your cool on is vital. Jumping into an outdoor pool just may save you from heat stroke – what better reason can there be for choosing a hotel that has a pool?

All in all, if you’re travelling with kids in the warmer months you’ll definitely want to choose a hotel with a nice pool. Accent Inns in Kelowna and Kamloops both have great pools, as does Hotel Zed in Victoria. I’m told the new Hotel Zed due to open any day in Kelowna has a great swimming pool – not to mention the lake is right across the road!

Mike Wicks
Blue Beetle Creative