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20 Things You Need When Stuck In Your Car

stuck-in-snow-clipartTravelling around BC in the winter can be a wonderful thing. The beauty of winter scenes as you go through the mountains, past the many farms and ranches is something that artists and writers dream about.  But travelling in winter does have it’s hazards and you should be prepared. There are many reasons why you might get stuck in your car for an extended period. You never know when road conditions could halt your journey, when black ice may cause you to pull off the road. You could be stuck in a ferry line-up, or an accident or weather closes the Coquihalla for several hours while you’re heading to one of our Accent Inns in Kamloops, Kelowna or Vancouver.

A little forethought and planning and being stuck in your car in the freezing cold may not be so bad – not good, but not disastrous. Here’s our idea of a simple care package that will keep you comfortable whenever you are stuck.

The, I may be stuck but I’m going to be comfortable survival kit

  1. First aid kit – this is obvious but you’d be surprised how many car owners don’t have one.
  2. Microfiber blankets – light, inexpensive, compact, but very warm.
  3. Thermos of coffee or soup (especially if there is any chance you will be heading into bad weather).
  4. Water is vital – a case of water costs little and is vital to your health.
  5. Granola bars or other high-energy food such as nuts that won’t spoil quickly so you can leave them in the car. If you want to get all gourmet, use a cooler and fill it with lots of good stuff to keep you going and turn what could be grave discomfort into a picnic.
  6. Wet wipes – you’d be surprised how comforting it is to feel clean! Toilet paper – see above!winterSurvivalKit
  7. Flashlights: important, it gets pretty dark, pretty quick at this time of year. And extra batteries.
  8. Gloves, extra sweaters, hiking boots, or good willies, waterproofs – throw them all into an old hockey bag.
  9. Instant hand warmers – these are great if you’ve had to shovel snow to get you back on the road.
  10. A strong snow shovel, so that if you get stuck you may well be able to clear enough snow away to get back on the road.
  11. Sand, salt or cat litter (non-clumping) – this can really help you get traction.
  12. Help sign for the road as well as your windscreen. Flares. Emergency triangle etc.
  13. Jumper cables – well duh!
  14. Tow rope – ditto above
  15. Games for the kids to play – at least a few non electronic.
  16. Extra windshield washer fluid – it’s awful when your windscreen washer runs out and you can’t see a thing.
  17. Duct tape – well you never know!
  18. Cell phone with spare battery.
  19. Windshield scraper – once things start moving you may need to clear your windscreen quickly.
  20. Sealable plastic bags and garbage bags – you’ll be grateful you thought of something to keep things clean or to seal soiled items that may start to smell.

The list could go on and on, but these twenty items will give you peace of mind and help you survive a roadside ordeal.

And when you finally arrive at one of our Accent Inns we’ll have a hot chocolate waiting for you!

Mike Wicks
Douglas, YAM and Salt Magazines