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City Opera Vancouver Presents Pauline

John Espley & Margaret Atwood

John Espley & Margaret Atwood

Hi Guys, John Espley here. Although my nickname is the “Mountain Man”, many folks don’t know I used to be a music student. I enjoy all sorts and styles of music but must admit that I’ve only attended a few operas in my time. I am so glad that one of those operas was the recent premier of Pauline. Pauline was written by the very special author, Margaret Atwood joined with the incredible talents of Tobin Stokes providing the musical composition. This was obviously a partnership destined to do great things.

City Opera Vancouver did an incredible job bringing together all the talent required to launch this soon- to become Canadian Icon. Music director Charles Barber was fantastic in pulling together the perfect talents for Pauline. Rose-Ellen Nichols provided a beautiful yet haunting performance as the tormented Pauline Johnson who came from both the white and Mohawk worlds. It was easy to fall into the belief that she was indeed Pauline herself. Adam Fisher, starring as the Doctor and love of Pauline’s life, drew in the audience both with his vocal talents and clear empathy expressed through his characters. Both stars are supported by an equally credible and talented cast.

If you are a Canadian, you must see this opera and “hear” the story. If you love music or better yet the opera, again a must see. This is certainly one of the most special performances

GM Joanne at Accent Inn Burnaby with her husband John at the premier

GM Joanne at Accent Inn Burnaby with her husband John at the premier

Accent Inns has ever sponsored and thanks to City Opera Vancouver for allowing us to be part of the true Canadian arts & culture movement.

Congrats again to Margaret, Tobin, City Opera and all involved.


John Espley, Director of Marketing & Communications for Accent Inns


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