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Welcome to Accent Inns. And we totally mean that.

Travelling in BC is much more pleasurable when you're not surprising distant relatives at midnight. Based on this highly original realization, we've created a small, comfortable and extremely affordable collection of hotels for you savvy travelers. No more relatives pretending to be happy to see you. No more closets that charge as much as The Shangri-La. And no coming home to a Visa bill that makes you wish you'd never left. Welcome to Accent Inns: nice rooms, great service, real people and a fair price. (Why didn't anyone think of this before?)

Do other BC hotels get excited telling you where to go?

Sitting in your hotel room watching Seinfeld reruns isn't always fun. But ending up in bad restaurants and cheesy tourist traps is worse. That's why nothing beats local knowledge – and we've got plenty of it. Our staff are all about local. We know what you want to see, and what you won't. We know the best brunch spots, the quietest places for dinner or the perfect place for a night on the town. And we'll be thrilled to tell you, in the nicest way possible, of course. And when you get back, we'll have all the comforts of home waiting for you. Without your sister demanding the bathroom.

  • Free Continental Breakfast at our Victoria, Kelowna and Kamloops locations(we even have pancake machines!)
  • Free in-room wifi (because we too found it odd that hotels charged for this)
  • Free parking (more than enough for the mini-van with the canoe on top)
  • Kitchenettes (like kitchens, but "ettes")
  • Free local calls & faxes (do people still use faxes anymore?)
  • In-room AC (bring your own DC )
  • Pet friendly (just please don't bring your elephant)
  • Bike friendly (spandex tolerant)

Ready to start sleeping around?

BC's a big place. But our wonderful, pint sized hotels would like to share a bed with you. If you're taking in Vancouver Island, our Victoria BC Hotel will return the favour. In the Lower Mainland, our Burnaby Hotel and the Skytrain keep you 12 minutes away from the best of downtown Vancouver. And a million miles from the worst. Our Vancouver Airport Hotel will see that and raise it via Canada Line (FYI – that's a skytrain that runs from downtown to the airport). Then throw in a free airport shuttle service to boot. If you're grabbing Okanagan sunshine, our Kelowna Hotel is the next best thing to having your own winery. And if you're ready to explore the Interior, our Kamloops Hotel offers free mountain guides and mule trains. Just kidding. Or are we…

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