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It’s A New Year – and I’m going to …

new-years-resolutions-ncsasports.org_Making resolutions is easy – keeping them is tough. At Accent Inns, we resolve to keep providing our guests with the very best experience we can possibly deliver. We also resolve that your room whether in Victoria, Vancouver, Burnaby, Kelowna or Kamloops, will be comfortable and clean and your welcome will be warm and inviting.

If you’re thinking of making some resolutions this year here are 10 tips that might help you keep them!

  1. Only make resolutions for things you intensely desire

If you don’t really want to achieve it, or, if you’re trying to achieve it because someone else wants it, you won’t. Desire is a primary motivator for all of us. Think hard about how much you want that item before setting a resolution around it.

  1. Be detailed about how you will benefit from achieving that resolution

Think through what the benefits are to you if you achieve the resolution you’re setting. The underlying benefits are an important consideration in resolution-setting. If the benefits are not deep, you’re less likely to follow through.

  1. Write them down.

People who write down goals and resolutions are 80% more likely to achieve them.

  1. Set measurable and identifiable benchmarks

Resolutions are pointless if you don’t know when you’ve achieved them. Make sure if you set a resolution you have an identifiable point where you know you’ve achieved success.

  1. Define what is necessary to help you achieve your resolution

What needs to be in place in order for you to get where you want to go? Do you require a specific amount of money? Are there people resources you need to get in place? Are there projects you need to finish or things you need to do first?post its

  1. Create a step-by-step plan for each resolution

Creating a plan is an important aspect of resolution achievement. It doesn’t have to be long and complicated, but it should contain the major steps required for each resolution to be achieved.

  1. Envision yourself already having achieved your resolution

Practice visualizing what it will be like when you’ve achieved your goal. Visualizing your success gives your unconscious mind a road map of where you want to go, and enlists its support for your success.

  1. Regularly review your progress and, if necessary, readjust your plan

If you don’t review how you’re progressing in the steps you created, you’ll forget about them. Regular review keeps you focused, motivated and on the path toward your resolutions.

  1. Ask friends, or family, to hold you to your resolution.

If we only make a promise to ourselves, it’s easy for the ‘naughty’ side of our personality to let us off when we want to give up. But if we make the promise to friends and ask them to hold us accountable, the stakes get progressively higher. For instance if you tell your child you are going to quit smoking and promise them that you will, the pressure to not give in is significantly higher.

10. Never give up

Finally, determine that you won’t quit or give up, no matter how hard it gets. This is easier if you intensely desire what you’re trying to achieve, which is why we started with the concept of making sure you intensely desire what you’re resolving to do. Set your sights high enough to challenge you, and then work hard to make it happen. Good luck!

The Accent Inns’ team resolves to continue offering its guests across the whole Accent Inns chain in 2015:

  • Great Free in-room Wi-Fi (why can’t free also be great?)
  • Free parking (more than enough for the mini-van with the canoe on top)
  • Fun friendly service (no “stuffy” here”)
  • Comfy clean rooms ( yes mom, we made the bed)
  • Kitchenettes (like kitchens, but “ettes”)
  • Free local calls & faxes (do people still use faxes anymore?)
  • In-room AC (bring your own DC )
  • Pet friendly (just please don’t bring your elephant)
  • Bike friendly (spandex tolerant)
  • Motorcycle friendly (special parking just for you)


 new year 2015

Mike Wicks
Douglas, YAM and Salt magazines