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What would we do without them?

Plowed road on Vancouver Island BC

Thank heavens for plows

With all the bad weather we have experienced in BC this winter, it’s time to take a moment to recognize the efforts of those people that look after us during the storms.

BC Hydro is a prime example.  Crews work 16 hour shifts during the wind and snow storms to restore power when outages occur.   And while I am sure they would all rather be home safe and sound with their families, they always show up and stay until all power is restored.  They have been especially busy on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland this week as winds gusting up to 100km per hours were downing trees and causing multiple power outages.

They also face considerable danger while restoring power lines.  Once one tree has come down, there is always the possibility that others will follow.  As well, the strong winds add an increased element of danger to their jobs.

Tree blown down by windstorm on Vancouver Island BC

BC Hydro staff work in less than ideal situations


Other company crews that deserve recognition are the folks that handle the road clearing during and after a storm has passed. On Southern Vancouver Island that tough job is done by Mainroad Contracting – a company that provides a variety of road related services but comes mostly to our attention when clearing the snow from our roads. While we all want to believe that it does not snow on the West Coast, we are very glad to have Mainroad around when it does.

In fact Mainroad is so concerned about keeping us safe on the roads that they post winter driving tips on their website.  Now that’s a company that is looking after us!

Mainroad Contracting snow plows in action  on Vancouver Island BC

Mainroad Contracting snow plows in action on Vancouver Island BC

And let’s not forget the transportation companies – airlines and ferries that are so impacted by the weather and have to stay calm and professional when dealing with people whose lives are being disrupted by cancelled flights and ferries.  Then, when service is restored, they must deal with long line-ups and impatient travellers.

So hat’s off to these and other companies that keep us safe, moving, warm and dry.  We really do appreciate you, especially in the winter!

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