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Victoria Truck Light Parade – watch it, support it

2013 Truck Light parade _croppedBreaker Breaker… looks like we got us a convoy coming Saturday night, December 6th. The annual IEOA (Equipment owners association) truck light parade will head through Victoria BC.  From 5:45 pm to 8:30 pm, main streets, side streets and even back streets will be lit up by some of the most colorful collection of vehicles ever seen. Cement trucks, dump trucks, slingers, crane trucks, fire trucks, buses and more will form into a convoy and pass before thousands of local families and visitors before ending up as an incredibly bright display at Western Speedway.  The truck owners and companies, their staff, family and friends all come together to pay for and create some incredible displays. These trucks take hours and hours of paid and volunteer time to complete. Every hour that one of these trucks is not “working” that’s money they are not earning for their owners. It’s a huge commitment by all the participants and we thank them so much. With the additional help of a few sponsors (Accent Inns is proud to be one), some great local media support and the generosity of our local municipalities and police departments this event finally comes together. But let’s remember why this started many years ago… to raise awareness and support for those in need. For many years now the Truck light parade has raised 10’s of thousands of pounds of food and $$ for Mustard Seed, Westshore Christmas Hamper Fund Society, contact 250-391-9627 & Sidney Food Bank.

Unlike some parades, folks must remember that they can’t donate to the trucks while they are travelling in the parade… they are moving 30 to 40 kph and don’t want anyone getting hurt. WhatIMGP0386 the community can do is drop off their food donations to one of the many collection points around the city. You don’t even have to wait and donate that night. Many of the donation points will collect your food bank donations many days before and a few after the event… so there’s no excuse. A can here, a box of cereal there, all goes a long way in supporting those families that really need a hand. It’s also a fantastic way to say thanks to all the folks who make this event happen.

Details and an approx time schedule is available via the IEOA website here. PLEASE NOTE route change.

Food drop off Locations – Two weeks prior to the Truck Convoy
Food drop off locations – Night of Event along the route

As a sponsor we’ve had the honor of having a vehicle in the parade for many years now and seeing the many people who come out to watch, no matter what the weather or temperature.  If you want an example of Christmas cheer just take to the streets and join the crowd Saturday night as the Trucks drive by. Thousands of people wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Children with huge smiles on their face as the lights from the convoy twinkle in their eyes. Everyone waving joyously as the trucks pass by. The site of all that and the generous donations made, are a true example of Christmas Spirit in action. This is what “community” is all about!

Feel free to wave and say Hi as we drive by . Your smiles make it all worth while. Merry Christmas everyone!!

xmas truckEditors Note:  The Greater Victoria municipalities and many police departments do so much to help make this happen but this takes resources and $$.  No matter how much the IEOA members do and the sponsors support, this event cannot happen without regional support. Feel free to let your local officials know how much you appreciate their support of this event. Don’t think that just because there’s a crowd watching that they (local officials) feel they have your support to spend those resources. Without them the convoy will be parked and the food banks won’t get the much needed support this event brings in.