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Valentine’s Day is not the same for everybody!

You won't find Rose petals at Accent Inns BC Hotel for Valentines day

Rose Petals and Valentines day...not for everyone

Let’s face it, if you are not currently in a relationship or if you dismiss the idea of Valentine’s Day as a way for retailers to part you from more of your hard earned cash, you may not wish to spend Feb 14th at a hotel where rose petals and champagne are the order of the day.




February 14 comes on a Tuesday this year and you may need to travel for business, family, sporting events or medical reasons.  You may even be on your way to another place to bask in the sun or explore foreign lands.  So, why book yourself into one of those hotels oozing with hearts and flowers?   Accent Inns will provide you with a comfortable bed, a clean room, free parking and wi-fi and not a rose petal to be found!  If you are travelling in or out of Vancouver Airport, we’ll even give you a ride on our Vancouver airport hotel shuttle.

Local Lovers enjoying a BC Sunset

We all celebrate love in our own way..agreeing how might be a good

You won’t have to push your way past love-sick couples gazing longingly into each other’s eyes or listen to the giggles of young love. You will get a good night’s sleep at a reasonable rate and awake on Feb 15 without even having acknowledged the event.

And while we don’t dismiss the concept of love, we recognize that there are many types of love and they are celebrated in many ways – not necessarily just on Valentine’s Day.  And if the real love of your life has 2 wheels or 4 legs, bring along your dog, cat or bicycle.  We must admit that “we love” the fact that all Accent Inns are all Bike friendly and  pet friendly hotels  too.

Stay in a Pet friendly hotel with the love of your life, your dog

We love our Pets


And here is our Valentines Poem for you….

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Some hotels are for lovers

And some are for you.

We’ll see you at the

Accent Inn this Valentine’s Day!




Note from the Editor: Accent Inns in no way discriminates against young or old lovers and welcomes all guests whether they love Valentines day or not. We also encourage everyone to support their local area retailers, always 🙂