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Travelling with Bikes, Kids and Dogs

family friendly hotel great after a day in the car

Accent Inns, a great place for your family vacation

Now that summer is well under way….at least it’s supposed to be. You may be wondering “just where can I stay with my troop.”

I’ve got the wagon or minivan loaded with children and buddy the family dog (or Sylvester the cat). We’ve got our really nice bikes on the back and more gear in our utility trailer behind. Who is gonna accept this bunch? Will it be somewhere I actually want my family to stay?

Look no further. Accent Inns is just the place to accommodate all your family and even your toys.  We’ve got large rooms with two queen beds and suites if you want a little privacy. Want to save money on food? Then book one of our many kitchen units or enjoy the awesome family restaurants at each Accent Inn location.  We have rooms that welcome Buddy (or Sylvester), with nice green space for you to walk them.

What about those nice bikes. Book a bicycle friendly room and feel free to take the bikes right on in to your own space! Accent Inns even offers a Bike Wash and Tuning station with tools available if you need to fix that flat little Johnny got after doing a triple jump on the North Shore mountains (near Burnaby).

Oh but are you stuck because the trailer won’t fit into the parking, they’ll charge you for two spots or you have to leave it somewhere miles away from your actual parking spot. Not at an Accent Inn where the parking lots are large enough for all kinds of trailers, buses and even those RV’ers that need a break from the weather and want to use our handy on-site laundry facilities. Even better, parking is always free no matter how big or small your ride is.

Of course after a long drive with the “troop” check out our outdoor pools in Kelowna and Kamloops, and our * Hot tubs to help you relax those miles away. We even offer access to Steve Nash Fitness Clubs in Victoria and *Richmond.

* Hot tubs in all locations except Victoria where it is available at the Steve Nash Fitness Club

*Access to Steve Nash Fitness Club is free in Victoria for our guests and at a nominal special price for our Richmond guests.

I know, all this sounds to good to be true but you want to know something….Accent Inns is a BC owned and operated company run by people that have kids, bikes, dogs and like a little value for their dollar. We know what you need because, well frankly, we are you!

Accent Inns, proud to be a BC company with 5 locations right here in Beautiful BC; Victoria, Vancouver Airport (Richmond), Burnaby, Kelowna, Kamloops.

Don`t just take our word for it?  Here’s a couple of stories where Mandy Farmer has walked some journalists through our properties.


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We know what you need because `we are you`.