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Top 3 Things To Prepare For The Golf Season

golf imagesGolf is a sport that combines walking long distances with explosive movement of hitting a ball. This combination of endurance and accuracy requires training, and golf fitness training has proven to be effective in helping golfers improve their skills. When concentrating on fitness to improve your golf swing, you will need to focus on strengthening your wrists and forearms, increasing abdominal and lower back muscles, and keeping your hips and back flexible.

Cardio Training
Golfers need to undergo long periods of physical activity. Cardio training will help to increase endurance levels by improving heart rates and increase blood and oxygen levels throughout the body. Examples of cardio training exercises that are beneficial to golfers are swimming and cycling.
Weight Training
Golfers need some form of weight training to improve strength, power and overall fitness levels. Weight training increases muscle size, strength and endurance. This increased muscle size will improve swing speed and distance. Examples of weight training that will help golfers are dumbbell squats, biceps arm curls, triceps extension, incline bench press and good old fashion push-ups.
Flexibility Training
A good golfer needs to be relax and flexible, not rigid or stiff. The main objective here is to help the muscles gain permanent flexibility. Lack of flexibility creates tension in your lower back and will decrease the ball’s speed and distance.
Pilates is a fitness program that specializes in increasing precise muscle control. Pilate exercises are low-impact and help to tone and strengthen the back muscles.  The stronger your back muscles, the more control you will have throughout your torso, thus making you a more consistent golfer.
Endurance Training: golf_picture_2_167925
Endurance helps you maintain your peak performance during a five hour game of golf. Endurance also includes your focus and concentration. If you are tired, it’s easy to lose focus and miss an easy shot.  Yoga classes will help improve your balance, coordination and concentration. Improve your balance and you will create a consistent and powerful swing.

Golfers are at risk for a variety of injuries, so get a head start on your game this year and start training.

Guest Post written by: Carmen Scott on behalf of Diversified Health Clinic, a rehabilitation clinic in Victoria.

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