stay different. stay real.

Can you be REAL on twitter?

John Espley Accent Inns business development Manager surprised

The “real” John can’t believe what’s being promoted

The following post was spurred on by some recent advertising I’ve come across. Honestly, my blood pressure rose. As the fellow in charge of Social Media for Accent Inns I’ve certainly known about the opportunity to get “paid” twitter followers to build a following but doesn’t that go against what twitter, and other social media platforms, are all about?

“1 Million Twitter Followers for $$$$$ ! Limited Time Offer!”

I hear the arguments about “more followers equals more credibility” but I think that’s hogwash. In human terms, if you’re wealthy can you “buy” friends…probably. Will those friends be there when you need them, really care about what you say? My guess is NOT.

“Save up to 75% on Twitter Followers improve your brand fast!”

It’s no different on twitter. We are looking for followers that are really interested in what we are doing, what we have to say. These “real” followers are far more likely to act upon the information we provide. Whether it’s a news story about Accent Inns, a contest we just launched or a wonderful story about one of our community partners, we are looking for followers that are interested and care. Buying followers in my opinion just can’t achieve OUR goals.

Accent Inns still has to find venues and things like #hashtags to get our name out there, to build our brand,  but anyone deciding to follow us from reading a post or hearing about a contest has done so because they are interested. Some will enjoy what they see and stay, some will find they want more and leave. It’s up to them and we certainly appreciate and cherish the folks that “really” follow us. We are a small local company here in B.C. and hope to connect with lots of folks in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada but our “tactic” is to be real. Offer stories that matter to them. Information links to local attractions and activities that they might want to enjoy. Specials that apply to their lives right here in B.C. like our road closure or when the wind has shut down BC ferries twitter specials. Our promotion of local organizations that need their help or support.

“Stop wasting time on getting more Twitter followers, let us do it for you. Purchase the right amount of Twitter followers that suit your needs.”

When you read a twitter post, Facebook entry, blog story you’ll not have any problem understanding that the people behind the posts, responding to the comments or answering the questions are real.  Really interested. This takes time, takes work but we think our customers, our readers, our communities and our followers are worth it. Our tagline, stay local stay real, is honestly what we are all about. Heh, don’t believe me, have a look at our online activities, online reviews, what others are “really saying” and decide for yourself. Are we doing things the right way?

Can you be “real” on twitter. We think so.

John Espley is the Business Development Manager for the Accent Inn hotel chain (and a real person!)