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Machu Picchu appears out of the clouds

Accent Inns Canuck Duck and Victoria hotel sales manager Karen England enjoy the ruins in Machu Picchu

I could live here!

As the Trip comes to an end, Canuck Duck and Karen are treated to a wonderful site…..

Day 4:

We slept restlessly knowing that we will be getting up so early.  Breakfast and our final packing take place in the dark as does the first part of the morning’s walk.  We will soon be at our destination and all of us are still together.

We are surprised at how sore our muscles are today.  Yesterday’s downhills took a real toll on our bodies.

All 200 of trekkers arrive at the Sun gate around the same time.  The darkness has lifted but we are surrounded by clouds.  We are told that Machu Picchu lies below but there is no strong evidence.

We wait excitedly.  Our guides urge us to blow away the clouds.  We chant “Machu Picchu! Machu Picchu!” Then, as if by design, the clouds start to move, slowly revealing their hidden treasure – the Lost City of the Incas.

We have read the websites and seen the photos but nothing really prepares us for the view from the Sun Gate once the clouds have cleared.  It is pure magic.

The fog starts to clear for Canuck Duck in Machu Picchu

Magically the fog clears

We begin our descent into the ruins themselves.  We start to meet tourists walking up to the Sun Gate.  We pause at the famous view point for photos and we are not disappointed in the results.  It is breathtaking.

And finally, 100 years after a Quechua boy led Hiram Bingham to Machu Picchu, our Quechua guides lead us to  the Lost City of the Incas.  We watch the llamas grazing as they keep the grass under control. I suggest we get some for Accent Inns – now that would be really environmentally friendly!  Our guides walk us through the ruins putting it all into perspective for us.  The air is much easier to breathe at 2500 meters.

And then we realize – we have conquered the Inca Trail!  We have earned bragging rights and most of all a good night’s sleep and hot running water.  It has been amazing.  However, the next time Karen says “Do you want to join me on another adventure?” – there had better be a spa involved!

Canuck Duck


Accent Inns Canuck Ducks next holiday

Canuck Ducks next holiday...the spa!