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Labour Day and Putting the ‘Accent’ on Sales

labour day 2Labour Day was declared a national holiday in 1894 by Prime Minister Sir John Thompson. The inspiration was initially a strike in the printing industry in Toronto two years earlier, where workers demanded a shorter working week. Marches, or parades, to support the strikers became an annual demonstration of solidarity in many cities across Canada, pressurizing the prime minister to recognize it as a national holiday.

Today, Labour Day is summer’s swan song, a day to celebrate the dying days of summer, but let’s not forget its origins as an annual celebration of worker’s rights.

For me, Labour Day marks a final celebration before I enter a new season of business activity. I treat it a little like New Year, a time to set resolutions; in this case not personal such as getting more exercise, or eating less, but for my business.

There is certainly a sense of renewal in the corporate world at this time of year and it got me thinking about travelling for business. Accent Inns are perfect for business people, they have free WiFi, free parking, kitchenettes, desks, gyms to keep you fit for a busy business schedule, and they are conveniently located throughout the province.

labour dayTo put my business writer hat on for a second, I’d suggest that September is the perfect time to plan a business road trip. Why? Well, we all know that it’s far less costly to sell to existing customers than to find new ones, so what about planning a fall trip to visit both current and past clients around the province? Pop in and give them an update on your company’s plans for the rest of the year and for 2016. Take them for coffee, or lunch, or use the meeting space at any Accent Inns location. If you have a sales person, or team, then September is the ideal time to get out and see how they are doing and re-motivate them.

If BC is not client-rich for you, make your September business trip a sales trip. Research companies around the province that are likely to need and want what you are selling. Make some phone calls and attempt to pre-book two or three appointments each day. Make sure to leave some time in your day to pop in on businesspeople you may know. Visit Chambers of Commerce and meet with their Executive Directors – these people know the business community better than anyone and can give you the low-down on what’s happening in the region; not to mention give you introductions to key players. If the timing is right, attend Chamber mixers and other business association events.

Don’t forget the power of the cold call. Too often entrepreneurs and successful managers get hung up running their businesses from the inside. Getting out into the field and meeting potential customers can be of phenomenal value.

Planning your trip around Accent Inns’ locations makes perfect sense as they are in all the major centres: two in Vancouver, and one each in Victoria, Kamloops and Kelowna. With excellent corporate rates, meeting rooms available at each hotel, great service, and real people, putting the ‘Accent’ on sales this September is sure to pay dividends.

Mike Wicks
Blue Beetle Creative