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Island Fisherman likes his Accent…

Island Fisherman cover-aug-2010

Island Fisherman supports Accent Inns' "Fish for the Future"

As the excitement around Accent Inns new Fish for the Future program starts to mount, we are thrilled that one of the most qualified sport and recreational fishing experts would take interest in Accent Inns.  Larry E. Stefanyk, founder and publisher of Island Fisherman Magazine and the Producer of the Vancouver Island Outdoor Adventure Expo wrote a great piece in his last issue of Island Fisherman Magazine. Check out the article in the September issue in the Hook line and thinkers column (love the title larry).

Larry has long been a supporter of both the Freshwater fisheries society of BC and the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

In his article Larry makes the following remarks; “I want to take the time to thank  Accent Inns, who put a program together to help support wild BC Fish. If you stay at one of their five properties, Victoria, Vancouver Airport, Burnaby, Kelowna, and Kamloops, they will donate one dollar to the Pacific Salmon Foundation and one dollar to the Freshwater Fisheries Society. Show your salt or freshwater fishing license, and the donation will be made.  It’s great to see a company step up to help our wild fish.”

We are thrilled that someone as involved in fishing in B.C. as Larry would support our BC hotel chain.  We even hear he stays at our Vancouver Airport hotel when he flys off for those las Vegas trade shows…but as you know we can’t say more…what happens in Vegas…

We would encourage you to check out Larry’s magazine and books and if you’re really lucky, you’ll get your hands on a calendar. Larry is a fantastic artist and illustrator.

Island fisherman calendar 2010

Larry E. Stefanyk , a fantastic artist