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Find Support BC

find support bc is finally here!

The Family Support Institute of BC has just launched their newest family support website. This site has taken almost 3 years to have coded and developed and it is finally here! The site is BC’s first ever user friendly, searchable database of disability related supports, services and community based activities for anyone in British Columbia!

Please help – they are excited to invite community to add to the database by clicking “add a resource” if you find they have missed anything at all. We know this is a big job, and although they have tried to include as much as possible, they know there will be things that have been missed. They need your help to continue to add to this fabulous resource, and let them know if there are errors or things missing. This is a community journey!

The site is

Within this site they also have a “Transition Orientation” to support those approaching adult life and all of the aspects of that journey that people may want to pay particular attention to. They will be adding to this as we all journey together. They will soon be adding video clips and “tips from families” to this site as well!

Check it out at

Please share this with your contacts and helping the Family Support Institute of BC bring people to the site and begin to use it to help navigate and find supports in community!

Angela Clancy
Executive Director

Family Support Institute