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My Earth Day Resolutions

earth-dayI love all the hanging baskets that greet me every time I stay at an Accent Inns – dozens and dozens of colourful plants that lift my spirits no matter how tough a day I’ve had on the road or how bad the weather might be. No wonder Accent Inns is supporting Earth Day on April 22, the hundreds of baskets and thousands of plants surrounding each of their hotels demonstrates their love for natural beauty.

Gardening at home is a way we can do our little bit for the environment. Plants and trees ‘clean’ the air by taking in carbon dioxide and other pollutants, while releasing oxygen back into the air, so the more we plant and tend our garden, the better off we’ll all be. Of course, the beauty and perfume of trees, plants and flowers is good for the soul too!

I’ve never been much of a gardener, my wife tends to be the one pottering in the garden until the sun goes down on a beautiful spring, or summer evening. But, I got to thinking about it the other day and came up with a list of reasons why I should get out of my chair and join my wife in the garden. Think of them as my Earth Day resolutions.

  1. The simple act of gardening will keep me active and healthy. It’s surprising how many calories you can burn while planting, weeding, or mowing the lawn!
  2. I hope to get a sense of accomplishment from seeing something grow from a seed to a plant, a flower, or a vegetable. As someone who is an avid cook I plan to start a herb garden as my first project this growing season.
  3. I feel I’ve become too materialistic in recent years and would like to simplify my life a little – reduce my impact on the environment – grow some of my own food. And, not to sound too ‘beads and seeds’, I’d like to feel a relationship with the earth, feel the soil between my fingers for a change.
  4. It worries me that so much of our food comes from so far away and is less than fresh before we eat it. I look at some of the sad vegetables in the produce isles and wonder how many nutrients are left in them. And, the trucks, airplanes, ships or whatever is used to get produce to us means that what we buy is certainly not earth friendly. So, I’m going to grow more and buy less.
  5. Finally, I’d like to get more in tune with the seasons. Few of us like winter, but as an avid home cook I try to offset my dread of the cold and wet season with the joy of making homemade soups. And, what’s better than making soups and stews with produce I’ve grown myself?

So, on Earth Day’s 45th anniversary I’ll be out turning the soil, breathing new life into it, while the world’s leaders hopefully finally pass a binding climate change treaty. My efforts may be like a single grain of sand in the Sahara, but making a difference doesn’t have to be huge it just has to be meaningful.

Mike Wicks
Douglas, YAM and Salt Magazines