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Why Be a Dog Friendly Hotel?

KE Sep 2009 18bSo many folks tell us how thrilled they are that Accent Inns is a dog friendly hotel, but on occasion I get asked by some, “why would you welcome dogs in your hotels?” I can understand if someone isn’t a pet owner they might not understand. It’s simple really, our pets (dogs, cats, etc…) are living breathy mammals just like you and I and being so, it’s instinctual (in my opinion) for us to form tight bonds, love our pets.

Now the critics reading this might be saying, “just because it’s living, breathing doesn’t mean you should love it.” There are times my wife would even agree with that… lol  The reality is that in most cases (just like people) dogs & other pets return or in many cases offer unconditional love to us first. Our pets truly become our family. If you’ve ever experienced the joy of coming home to a dog that is wagging his/her tail, cheerfully barking or jumping up and down just because you are home, you know what I’m talking about. If you’ve ever been sick or feeling down and had your dog place their paw or head on your chest or nudge your hand as if to say, “I’m here for you, feel better soon,” then you know what I’m talking about.

Dogs help us get out an exercise as we walk them (when was the last time you had someone so excited just to walk with you…). Watch and listen to the smiles and laughter as a dog (or cat) plays with a child. In some cases they even safeguard our homes and belongings…even the little ones. How could you not fall in love with another being that does all this and yet asks so little?

OK but why still would we want to have a dog friendly hotel in Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna, and Kamloops? It simple, if you love someone like you love your dog vip petwouldn’t you want them with you as often as possible? Wouldn’t you feel awful leaving them home while you travelled around having a great time? Of Course you would. Now it’s obviously not always possible to take or dog (or cat) with you on a trip, just like you can’t always take your wife along (sorry honey), but when you can we (the fun folks at Accent Inns) want to make it as easy as possible.

You may ask, “Aren’t the dogs trouble for you? What about guests that don’t like dogs?” It’s simple, we make an effort to maintain rooms/sections that we do not reserve for pets, that way anyone who doesn’t like dogs shouldn’t have to interact with them or even notice them. (Hint: we do this for sports teams to… lol)  It is a little more work for us indeed as our housekeeping staff has additional duties with extra cleaning efforts. We do charge a little extra for such service but also donate a portion of pet fees to the BC SPCA. That being said we have a bit of a joke that in some cases dogs can be better behaved than people… (hotel humor, sorry)

Finally by being a dog friendly hotel chain we don’t just welcome folks travelling with their best friend on a holiday. We get to help those folks who may be travelling to bigger centers to pick up their new pet from a local BC SPCA (fantastic way to find your new friend) or have travelled to take their pet to one of several incredible pet hospitals for treatment. It’s so awesome to see dogs come into our lobbies, tails a wagging, after they’ve just been picked up from treatment at places like Canada West Veterinary Specialists.

Hopefully this helps answer the question of why be a dog friendly hotel. Because it’s the right thing to do and because we can… lol