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Canuck duck leaves for Everest in a few days!

Accent Inns Canuck Duck

In just a few days we will be off on our big adventure.  Although we have packed way more than we will ever need, there is still a feeling that we must have missed some vital piece of equipment.  For that reason we still seem to be magnetically drawn to every Outdoor Store in Victoria.  Karen is sure that she will find some brand new, amazing, light weight, solar charged something that will make the journey a thousand times easier.  So far she has had no luck.

The other day I was chatting with one of my high-flying friends and I asked him if he’s ever been to 18,000 ft.  He cawed in disbelief “You must be kidding.  The air is way too thin up there.”  “Why is that a problem?” I asked.

Accent Inns Canuck Duck with High flying friend

He told me that thin air causes altitude sickness.  That’s where the brain gets foggy, you get very tired and your joints and muscles really hurt.  When I told Karen, she just laughed.  “Sounds like menopause.” She said.

We have also been receiving wonderful send-offs from all our friends. Pete & Gwen even built a model of Mt Everest in their living room.  We have been eating Nepalese and Tibetan food and it’s really good.  I sure hope they serve chocolate blueberry MoMos along the trek.  They are wonderful!

Just in case they don’t serve MoMos, Karen has packed a bag of snacks.  Right now it weighs over 5 pounds.  If it comes down to a choice between her snacks or her boots, I’m a little worried about which one she will choose.

We don’t know how much computer access we will have along the way so it’s hard to say when you will hear from us again.  We’ll try to send a message whenever we can.  If all else fails, we’ll send it all when we get back to our version of civilization.

Bye for now.  Namaste.

Scale model of Mt Everest..........